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Upwood & The Raveleys History Pages

Older Buildings
This section, which is still under construction, will give details of some of the older buildings you can still see in the villages.

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All old photos are courtesy of Upwood Archive Group (Cambs Community Archive Network) unless otherwise stated

1900 Windmill

Upwood Mill, Upwood
The windmill at Upwood occupies an ideal site on a ridge of high land between Upwood and Great Raveley which is exposed to strong south-westerly winds. In 1815 it was recorded as being owned by Thomas Setchell with the last miller being Lewis Fordham. In its heyday it would have served farmers from the surrounding area and was used for milling beans as well as wheat. The remaining structure is now in the grounds of a private residence on Huntingdon Road.

Upwood   The Old Windmill JPG
3 horseshoesx
Three Horseshoes Cottage, Great Raveley
The Three Horseshoes was one of two pubs which are known to have been in the village between 1850 and 1950. There was also a small shop at the side where children would go to buy sweets after school - the school building is adjacent to it. Over the years the building, parts of which date from the late 17th Century, has also been home to the local butcher and wheelwright.
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