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Upwood & The Raveleys History Pages

Upwood & Great Raveley 1850 - 1950
A Hundred years of Village Life

A book complied by members of the Upwood & Raveley Local History Group:
Debbie Brown - Trevor Brown - Ruth Bunnage - Liz Carter - Sue Davies - Ron Edwards - Mags Dudley - Freda Greenwood - Derrick Greenwood -
Deana Hudson - Jean Keyte - Pauline McLeod - Jim Martin - Elizabeth Perkins - Michael Perkins - Ruth Peckover - Rodney Scarr - Gill Shelford -
Vic Shelford - Chris Silcock - Harry Smith - Joyce Taylor - John Turner - Terry Wells - Jae Woods

This publication is now out of print but it can be viewed online by clicking on the chapter links below

Introduction: Sketch Maps, Acknowledgements
Local Trades: Public Houses, Grocers & Post Office, Wheelwrights & Carpenters, Blacksmiths, Other Trades
Worship: Upwood St Peter, Gt. Raveley Chapels, Upwood Chapels
Farming: Upwood Farms, Gt. Raveley Farms
Local Features: The Mill, Upwood House, Carlton House
The War Years: World War I, World War II, RAF Upwood
Education: Upwood School, Gt. Raveley School

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