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Upwood and Great Raveley, although two individual villages separated only by a few acres of farmland, were joined together ecclesiastically in medieval times, sharing the parish church dedicated to St. Peter in Upwood. Both villages have a long and interesting history going back to pre-Norman times when Upwood was the home of Earl Ailwine, the founder of Ramsey Abbey.

Little Raveley existed as a separate parish, based on the church of St James (now converted to a private residence), until it joined the other two villages when the civil parish of Upwood and the Raveleys was created in 1935.

RAF Upwood traces its origins back to the First Word War and was developed further during World War II when it was home to various squadrons, most notably Pathfinder No.139 (Jamaica).


These pages are intended to provide a variety of local historical information as well as links to other websites containing historical information and photographs of Upwood and the Raveleys.

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1925 Village Shop plus Rose & Crown   St Peters   1933 Raveley Class
1912 Cottage Next to Royal Oak   1955 Lincoln from Upwood in Kenya   1940 Edgar Edwards Binder & horses
 Older Buildings    
Photographs courtesy of Upwood Archive Group - Cambridgeshire Community Archives Network
The Upwood Archive Group section of the CCAN website contains an extensive collection of photographs, maps, documents and articles dating from 1780 to the present day.
Upwood & Raveley Local History Group Publications
A hundred years of village life
A snapshot of everyday village life
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