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The nature reserves of Upwood Meadows, Lady's Wood and Raveley Wood are within easy walking distance of the villages and offer interest throughout the year. "Upwood Ramble", details below, covers all of the nature reserves in one walk. Part of the "Upwood Ramble" is included as one of the regular walking routes for Huntingdonshire District Council's Health Walks Scheme.

Information about other walks in the locality can be found on the Walking in Cambridgeshire website.



Upwood Ramble

This ramble includes the local nature reserves of Upwood Meadows, Lady's Wood and Raveley Wood. There are various options to either lengthen or shorten the walk. Parts of the route can be wet and muddy so strong footwear is recommended. In late springtime don't forget to visit Upwood Meadows to view the green-winged orchids in the ancient ridge and furrow fields as well as the bluebells and primroses which abound in Lady's Wood at that time of year.

Click on the map to download a copy of this map and instructions. This document requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Upwood Walk Map  edit2

Start your walk along the footpath opposite Upwood Village Hall. This leads down a narrow alley between 2 houses, past the play equipment, and into Bentley Close.

1. Walk down Bentley Close and look for the footpath on your right between bungalows no. 7 & 9. Go through the swing gate and then diagonally across the meadow to the right of the oak trees, through the gap in the hedge and over the wooden bridge. Walk around the edge of the field, down a few steps and through another swing gate.

2. Looking ahead from this gate , go straight across this field to the next gate. This can get muddy underfoot here. Go through the gate and out into an open field with Lady's Wood straight ahead of you. Follow the path along the edge of the field to Lady's Wood.

For the shorter walk (approx 2 miles), meander quietly through the trees using the footpaths, then retrace your steps back to Upwood ( approx. 2 miles).

To continue the longer walk (approx 6 miles), whilst exploring Lady's Wood, always take the left-hand fork in the path and you will come out of the trees at the opposite side of the woods.

3. Climb the stile and turn left. Beyond Lady's Wood bear right towards the small clump of trees ahead of you. This will open onto a wide track.

4. Turn right, there will be a drainage ditch on your left. Walk for approximately 250m to a crossing of farm tracks.

Optional route. Turn right into Raveley Fen Road (walking parallel to Lady's Wood) back to Upwood following the footp[ath signs. This route is uneven and very exposed.

5. Turn left along the farm track. After approximately 100m you reach a junction of 5 paths.

6. Looking into the field on your left, there are 2 footpaths signposted. Take the right-hand path, heading to Raveley Wood and Great Raveley. Walk across the field, over the bridge and straight on through the gap in the hedge, and across the middle of the next arable field. Go over the bridge and stile, walk across the field to the edge of Raveley Wood. Listen to the noise from the rookery!

7. With Raveley Wood on your right, follow the footpath signs gently uphill and towards the barns of White House Farm, over the stiles onto Woodwalton Road.

8. Turn left and walk along the road, through the village. Remember to walk on the right-hand side of the road to face the oncoming traffic.

9. Turn left beside the post box, over two stiles plus a bridge and another stile. Following the arrows across the meadow, bear right towards the gap in the hedge.

10. Go over the stile towards Meadow Road. Bear left along the High Street, across Helens Close and Thatchers Close back to the village hall.

Map and Instructions provided courtesy of Ramsey Town Centre Partnership & Huntingdonshire District Council.

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